“Some of the many symbols Gaudette employs are universal—the moon, clocks, acorns, and oak leaves. Others are more personal, such as the cherries and blueberries that appear in several images, and may be harder to decipher. Sometimes she references local culture—a buck dressed in a flannel shirt or a sap bucket attached to a tree. Gaudette invites viewers to enjoy discovering or inventing meaning for symbols she depicts in each drawing.” — Susan Calabria, Curator, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

Recent Exhibitions

Nature Homage: A National Juried Exhibition of Animal and Insect Artwork
3/16/24 – 4/13/24
d’art Center
Norfolk, VA

Naturalist Gallery Nature Exhibition
1/19/24 – 3/19/24
Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art
District of Columbia